Bridgie’s Travels Wed 27th

The Pope’s Cross

Hello everyone!

I had a picnic at one of my absolute favourite places in the whole world today – The Pope’s Cross.

It took me a long time to walk there so I was pretty tired by the time I sat down on the bench with my ham sambos, bottle of juice and of course my favourite…..a tasty donut! I actually fell asleep on the bench after my lunch for a while!

I enjoy rolling down the hills at the Pope’s cross and I love to see the Dublin mountains in the distance. It’s always bustling with people out and about enjoying the fresh air.

Did you know that the Pope’s Cross is made of steel and it is over 35 metres tall. It took the builders a long time to erect because it is so windy there. Have you noticed how windy it is there?!

It was built over 40 years ago for the visit of the Pope to Ireland in 1979. He said mass in the phoenix Park and over 1 million people attended !! 

Do you like to visit the Pope’s Cross?

What 5 things would you see if you are standing beside the Pope’s Cross?

Tuesday 26th

Tuesday 26th

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….I was SO cold on my travels around Castleknock yesterday!!

I took a wander into the grounds of Castleknock College. I heard it was a very old school so I decided to do some investigating. I found out that the school is nearly 200 years old…..that’s even older than our school!

Did you know that there is actually a castle in Casteknock?! That must be where the name came from. 

I discovered that the castle is hundreds of years old! Only the ruins of the castle remain today but long ago it was a Norman Castle and you could see far and wide from the top! It was also surrounded by high walls and a moat. This helped the families living in the castle to protect themselves from invaders! 

I noticed another big hill as I was leaving so I’ll have to come back another day to investigate.

Here’s some things for you to think about today:

How old is our school? (Hint: You might find some help on your school jumper)

Do you know of any stories that have a castle in them?

Could you draw a picture of a castle for me? Remember to include high walls and a moat.

See you tomorrow,


Happy Birthday Kitty

We want to send our warmest congratulations to Kitty Kelly, our oldest past pupil who turns 100 today. Kitty came to visit us  on the occasion of our  Opening Ceremony  on Feb 1st 2013.


Kitty chats to Tanaiste Leo Varadkar

Mary Maher, Kitty and her daughter Noleen

On Friday a group of pupils from 4th class went to visit Kitty to present her with flowers and a card, specially designed by Grace Coughlan. We were delighted to see her in good health and great spirits and the children have promised to return when the weather improves.


#Santabox Appeal 2020

Sadly this year we are unable to do our usual shoe box appeal which was  the highlight of our December festivities. Instead we are appealing to pupils and parents to complete a virtual shoe box that can be safely delivered to the most vulnerable members of our community this Christmas. Click the image above to visit the shoebox appeal page and fill a virtual box today.