April Cake Sale Update

On Friday 29th of April, we are having our first cake sale in over two years!

  • Please send cakes or buns, shop bought or home made into school with the children on Friday. The children will bring the cakes to the hall after the bell rings.
  • Please label any containers that need to be returned with your child’s name and class.
  • Each child should have a spare lunch box to put their purchases in as we are limiting our use of plastic bags
  • Children can bring in €2  to spend at the cake sale
  • Classes will visit the cake sale throughout the morning to make their purchases.
  • Reminder: We are a nut free school so please check ingredients before sending in cakes
  • Parents of children with allergies might wish to send specific treats for their child to “purchase”. Please label these clearly eg. Dairy Free / Gluten Free/Egg Free

Thank you for supporting our school fundraisers.