Bridgie’s Travels Feb 1st

Good morning boys & girls,

How was your weekend? I hope you had time to relax and enjoy a break from your schoolwork.

The weather was fairly blustery and windy all weekend so I didn’t venture too far!

But I did get the chance to visit somewhere really interesting on Saturday – The Magazine Fort.

As you can see from my pictures it was so windy in the park that my hat blew off and I fell off my stool !

Have you ever been to the Magazine Fort before? Maybe you’ve built a fort at home yourself? A fort is somewhere that is secure and hard to get into. Maybe you’ve built one with cushions and blankets at home.

The Magazine Fort was built in 1735 which is nearly 300 years ago!! It was used to store ammunition and it had to be well protected.

It was surrounded by a dry moat ( a moat with no water) and high walls to stop intruders stealing the ammunition!

See can you spot where the soldiers might stick their guns out.

Why do you think it was built up on a hill?

See if you can find out any more information about The Magazine Fort and send me an email

See you tomorrow.