4th Class Project Presentations

The children from 4th class Rooms 23 & 24 have been learning with Lego WeDo 2.0 Science materials over the last few terms. They have recorded presentatons of their final projects. See how they have planned, designed, built, coded and debugged their projects.

What fantastic science & engineering skills, collaborative skills, presentation skills and coding skills they have developed!

You can also see a video of other projects they worked on.



School Dance Tickets

The Annual School Dance takes place on March 11th. Tickets have sold out quickly, but as Castleknock Hotel has increased capacity, we can release more tickets. These will be available this Thursday, March 2nd, from the foyer of the Sports Hall at drop-off time. 

Last Day for Green Schools Week

We are sorry that Green Schools Week has come to a close. Everyone had lots of fun with the activities planned by Ms. G. Fay and Ms. Moriarty. The children learned about reducing waste, conserving water and keeping our school and our planet free from litter.

They especially enjoyed making the water conservation posters. Three wonderful entries are featured below.

A HUGE thanks to Ms. G. Fay and Ms. Moriarty and the Green Schools Committee for all the ideas and hard work.

Green School Activities


Every day this week, each class has been given litter pickers so they can go outdoors to pick up all the litter.  We have noticed a lot of litter blowing into the school grounds. Today one of the older children found a crisp packet that was made before he even came to school.  Thankfully our green school committee intends to continue the litter picking each week.

Each child will carry a water container when doing their Daily Mile.  This
is to develop an appreciation of how precious water is and to raise
awareness about communities around the world who walk an
average of 6km a day to access drinking water for their families.

We encourage as many pupils as possible to walk, cycle or scoot to school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Children could walk the last kilometre if they live too far away to walk the whole journey.

‘Local Water Actions for Global Change”
All classes can take part and one entry from each class will be displayed on the Green School noticeboard and will be included in a national competition on March 10th

Below we see the 5th-class pupils reading a Green School-themed story to Junior Infants. They will also visit Senior Infants and 1st Class.

Green Schools Committee

Congratulations and thank you to Ms. G. Fay, Ms Moriarty and our Green School Committee for providing us with a wonderful Green Schools Week of activities.  They have also been very busy picking up all the litter blowing into our schoolyard daily.

The committee members are

Senior Infants

  • Oisin Mc Evoy
  • Eabha Walsh
  • Oscar Tavey
  • Senan Butler

1st Class

  • Rian Purcell
  • Ryan Duffy
  • Emily Brady
  • Sarah Harte

2nd Class

  • Alex Ring
  • Bobby Blessing
  • James Holian
  • Shlok Jha

3rd Class

  • Harry Finnucane
  • Alexander Schmarygo
  • Paddy Carley
  • Anya Mc Cann

4th Class

  • Zach Flood
  • Ava Corcoran
  • Ruby Morrissey
  • Elizabeth Ann Egan

5th Class

  • Anna Derham
  • Owen Dunphy
  • Paddy Cotter
  • Elizabeth Ouano

6th Class

  • Rachel Spratt
  • Rebecca Connolly
  • Finn O’Dwyer
  • Emma Seebohm