Information for New Parents

Read about transitioning to big school here. 

The gate to enter and exit for Junior Infants is Gate D, the large gate in the church car park. 

Day 1  Tuesday, August 30th

Small groups of Junior Infants will come to school for a short visit. They should be accompanied by their parents/guardians. They can wear their new school tracksuits. We will text you the exact time for each visit in late August.

Day 2 Wednesday, August 31st

Junior Infants arrive between 8:40 and 8:50 am and wait in the lines for the teacher to open the doors and bring each child in. Please don’t be tempted to hang around the door or windows peeping in as this may upset your child or other children!!


Children go home at noon until Monday, September 12th, when the collection is at 1:30 pm. Parents/guardians should wait in a queue outside the external classroom doors at home time.
Please try to be punctual as it really upsets children if parents are late.



  • While children are going home at noon, they will only need a small lunch and drink. Please let them practice opening their lunchbox and drink at home before the first day.
  • Remember all the sweatshirts and many coats, schoolbags and lunch boxes are identical, so please label everything.
  • We know your child will settle in very quickly and we hope he/she will enjoy these early days, but if you have any concerns speak to the teacher when collecting after a few days.
  • Any medical issues please chat to the teacher after school during the first week or two.
  • If collecting children early during the year please inform the teacher and enter the school through the reception. We prefer if children are not collected during break time.
  • Any change in the collection routine please inform the teacher in writing. Children will not be released to anyone other than named adults unless you have notified the teacher in writing. This includes dancing, drama, play dates , friends and neighbours.
  • Reminder: We are a NUT FREE SCHOOL . Nuts or nut products allowed. Treat day is on a Friday when a small bar is permitted. We like children to have a healthy lunch. Popcorn is also not allowed as it makes a mess!
  •  We will send a payment link in September for back-to-school collections.

We ask all parents to register for Aladdin connect and download the Aladdin app. This will be our primary communication method. 

Tuesday, August 30th: class visits
Wednesday, August 31st to Friday, September 9th inclusive 8:50 am to 12 noon.
Monday Sept 12th 8:50am to 1:30pm

See you all on August 30th!