June News

Great news for June!


We have NO WRITTEN HOMEWORK  for the whole month of June so children can get out and enjoy the long bright evenings…..AND in school each class level can now mix freely together in the yard.



Senior Friends’ Day in 4th

We had a lovely day on Friday 27th, when the senior friends of the 4th class children came to visit. They were met at the gate by some lovely 6th class pupils who showed them to the classrooms.

The children were able to share songs and poems and games with their  friends. They showed how they learn using new technologies. Some of the Senior Friends had stories of their own school experiences to tell.

After the classroom visits it was off to the hall for a much needed cup of tea and a chat.

We want to thank the 4th class teachers for facilitating  this visit, the parish Grandparents Group, for coming along and acting as extra senior friends and of course all the Grannies, Grandads, friends and neighbours who responded so enthusiastically  to the children’s invitations to attend.



School Closures 2022.23

Term 1 

  • Reopening: Tuesday August 30th
  • Closed for Mid Term: October 31st to November 4th Inclusive.


  • We close at noon on Wednesday December 21st.
  • Closed December 22nd to Wednesday, January 4th 2023 inclusive
  • Reopening Thursday January 5th 2023.


  • Closed Monday February 6th
  • Closed Thursday and Friday 16th and 17th February inclusive.


  • Closed Friday 17th and Monday 20th March inclusive


  • Closing at noon on Friday March 31st for holiday
  • Closed Monday 3rd to Friday 14th of April inclusive (2 weeks)
  • Reopening Monday April 17th for Term 3


  • Closed Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd May inclusive


  • Closed Monday 5th to Friday 9th of June inclusive ( 1 week)
  • Closed at noon on Friday 30th June for Summer Holidays.

Senior Friend Day in 4th Class

We are so excited to announce that on Friday, May 27th our 4th class pupils are having a Senior Friend Day at school.

Rooms 23 and 24  will host any available seniors from 9.30am to 11.00 am in their upstairs classrooms.

Rooms 17 and 18 will host their guests from 10:15am  to 11:45 am in their downstairs rooms.

Guests should arrive via the main gate where they will be met by some sixth class pupils who will show them the way to the classrooms.

After the classroom visits and entertainment the guests will be shown to the hall for a cup of tea and a chat.  

As some children will not have a Senior Friend to invite, we are hoping the guests that come will allow us to be share them with a few  other children in the class !


Parachute egg drop Room 27

The children in 5th class Room 27 have been busy making parachutes this week while working on their STEM Egg drop activity. They have been investigating and experiementing about the  the effects of air resistence and gravity on their parachute.

First they dropped an egg on its own. Then they tried out their parachutes with their eggs attached using a variety of materials. The times were kept very carefully by the time keepers! They discovered that gravity pulls the object down and air resistance slows the fall. Parachutes are used to slow the fall of an object by increasing air resistance which reduces the effect of gravity!

See some photos and a few videos below.