Touch Typing on Zoom

Touch-typing (TTRS)  Classes continuing on Zoom

TTRS classes are continuing successfully on Zoom.  A number of students successfully completed the course this term, as a result, a limited number of places are available for classes resuming after mid-term.   If parents are interested in finding out how TTRS can help students with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia (DCD), Dysgraphia or other learning differences, please contact Carol Pitcher for details – or call 087 2868910.

Bridgie’s Travels Friday 29th

Friday 29th

Happy Friday everyone,

I always love Fridays in school!

The reason I love Fridays in school is because of the delicious cakes Ms.Stokes always brings into the staff room! They are A-may-zing!

But because we’re not in school we’re not getting any of Ms.Stokes lovely baking!!

So today I decided to go visit somewhere a little different in search of my old favourite….donuts! As you can see from the pictures I found just the place for a bear like me!

Don’t worry I brushed my teeth afterwards and I eat lots of fruit and vegetables everyday so the odd sweet doesn’t do a bear any harm.

Well done on all your great work this week boys & girls.

If you’ve any suggestions on places around Castleknock that I should visit please let me know

Finding Bridgie in the Village

Thursday 28th

Good morning boys & girls,

My adventures took me right into the middle of Castleknock village today. I visited St.Brigid’s Well on College Road which is just across from Myos and next to the wall of St.Brigid’s church.

Some of you might walk or drive past the Well everyday on the way to school and I know lots of you visited the well as part of Local History & Geography Week last year.

Nobody knows exactly how long the Well has been in Castleknock but it has been there for a long long time…..long before any of the shops and any of your houses were built.

People used to travel from all around the area to get drinking water from the Well before we could get water from our kitchen taps. On hot days long ago, teachers in our school used to send children to the well with a bucket to get drinking water for the children.

I hope you’re not missing school too much boys & girls. Keep up all the great work for your teachers.

Don’t forget to send me an email with your pictures or stories

See you tomorrow,


Bridgie’s Travels Wed 27th

The Pope’s Cross

Hello everyone!

I had a picnic at one of my absolute favourite places in the whole world today – The Pope’s Cross.

It took me a long time to walk there so I was pretty tired by the time I sat down on the bench with my ham sambos, bottle of juice and of course my favourite…..a tasty donut! I actually fell asleep on the bench after my lunch for a while!

I enjoy rolling down the hills at the Pope’s cross and I love to see the Dublin mountains in the distance. It’s always bustling with people out and about enjoying the fresh air.

Did you know that the Pope’s Cross is made of steel and it is over 35 metres tall. It took the builders a long time to erect because it is so windy there. Have you noticed how windy it is there?!

It was built over 40 years ago for the visit of the Pope to Ireland in 1979. He said mass in the phoenix Park and over 1 million people attended !! 

Do you like to visit the Pope’s Cross?

What 5 things would you see if you are standing beside the Pope’s Cross?