Congratulations from Green Schools

As you all know our school was awarded a Green School Flag earlier this year. Unfortunately we are unable to have the usual ceremony  in our school to celebrate this award but the Green Schools officers have sent us this video to congratulate us on our Green Flag.

Congratulations to all the children and teachers, in particular Ms. O’Halloran, Ms. G. Fay and the children on the green school’s committee of St. Brigids.


Confirmation Day

Today  would have been confirmation day for our 6th class pupils and we are so disappointed that it had to be postponed.  We want all our pupils  to know we are thinking of them all today and we hope they have something nice planned at home.  We all know that even though it is hard for us, these missed celebrations are  helping to save lives .  We look forward to celebrating this special day a later time when it is safe for us again.