iPads in Junior Infants

The iPads are now rostered for Junior Infants and Senior Infants and we have another set of 30 for 1st and 2nd classes to share.  Some very reliable children from 6th class have been selected to distribute, collect and charge all the iPads and this is a HUGE help to the teachers.  Here we see the Junior Infants using iPads to support their work in Handwriting ( Handwriting Without Tears App) and learning their sounds ( Jolly Phonics App). Needless to say they loved using the iPads.

Fingal League

Great start to the Fingal League. Fantastic weather and fantastic performances by all the children. Especially great work by our third class pupils doing their first year at the event.

Confirmation Reflection

To all Confirmation Pupils

An hour of quiet reflection and prayer ” Taize ”  style in Church of Our Lady Mother of the Church , Castleknock tonight Monday 23rd  at 8:15 pm. If you would like  a role in the ceremony come a few minutes early. All welcome


STAY SAFE ..Part of SPHE Curriculum


SPHE and the Stay Safe Program

We would like to share some information on the Social, Personal and Health Education curriculum (S.P.H.E.) and on how it is taught in our school. The S.P.H.E. curriculum is divided into three strands –  Myself, Myself and Others, Myself and the Wider World. Each strand is further subdivided into strand units, with learning objectives for each unit. Aspects of all three major strands will be taught each year and strand units will be organised so that pupils will receive a comprehensive programme in S.P.H.E. over a two-year cycle at their class level.

Five strand units will be taught each year and all class levels will explore the same strand unit over a two-month period, after which a new unit will be taught until all ten strand units have been covered over a two-year period.

 The Stay Safe programme is part of the Social, Personal and Health Education curriculum and all primary schools are required to teach it as part of the strand unit, Safety and Protection. In our school classes from First to Sixth will be taught the programme in September/ October and Infant Classes will  commence it in November.

The aim of the Stay Safe programme is to teach children personal safety skills so they can look after themselves in situations which could be upsetting or dangerous.

It deals initially with common situations which most children will experience at some stage or other, e.g. getting lost or being bullied. The programme also teaches children the safety skills necessary to protect themselves from physical or sexual abuse and emphasises the importance of telling a trusted adult about any problems they have.

Co-operation between parents and teachers is essential to the success of the programme. It is important that parents are aware of the content of the Stay Safe lessons and are able to discuss the lessons with their children.

Your child may bring home worksheets which will inform you on the topics being covered in class and how you can reinforce the messages at home. You can also familiarise yourself with the content of the Stay Safe lessons at www.staysafe.ie/teachers/resources.htm

Please email the school, info@saintbrigids.ie  if you require further information.