The Grandparents Tree


On Tuesday last we planted the Grandparents Tree. This was presented to the school by the Castleknock Grandparents Committee. The tree is really special as committee member, John Mc Cullen grafted three different species of apple onto it. These represent the three generations, Grandparent, parent and child. Our third classes all assembled to listen to John and see the tree being planted. Maybe someday i’ll the distant future they will visit this tree as a grandparent!

We also want to thank Mrs. Margaret Brady , our neighbour, who has planted lots of flowers in the garden this year. We are especially delighted that it is now an oasis for honey bees 🐝 which we know are becoming endangered.

Peter Mc Verry Trust Presentation

Room 18 presented their handmade blanket and cheque for €265 to  Caroline from the Peter Mc Verry Trust who said the blanket would be given to  a person in need tonight. The children were delighted that their knitting was going to benefit someone so soon. Thanks Ms. O’Halloran for teaching everyone how to knit and helping her pupils to be to be kind and caring.


Attendance Awards and Figures

Well done to all these pupils who had perfect attendance this year. We know some children miss days through illness and that can’t be helped but we still think children who never miss a day deserve to be recognised. Congratulations to them all from Junior Infants to 5th. Since February our attendance has been slightly down  on the previous year. September’s attendance was 98.2% with  a marked deterioration  in June at only  92.2%.

Outdoor Adventure

In the Summer term the theme for PE is usually Outdoor Adventure. Here we see 3rd class pupils playing co operative games. Team work and good communication were essential skills in these games and it looks like fun played a large part too!


Minecraft Model of Our School – 6th class Ms. Fay

This year, Ms. Nicola Fay’s 6th class set themselves the challenge of re-creating St. Brigid’s National School in Minecraft.

They worked in teams as they planned and measured every inch of the school. They used trundle wheels and rulers to get exact measurements. They also took photos and used their knowledge of the school to re-create it block by block. Once they agreed on a scale which was two blocks per metre, they chose the materials and colours that they thought best matched each area.

Their journey to the finished product wasn’t smooth. They began their mammoth task in four teams constructing the four separate buildings. However, it became apparent to them that this approach wouldn’t work and they decided to go back to the drawing board. Collectively, they worked on each building and yard space in turn to create the final finished product. It took the full academic year but it is something the entire class are extremely proud of.

We hope you enjoy our Minecraft project!