Summer Uniforms

The Summer Term is here at last and from May 1st  children are permitted to wear their “Summer  ” uniform.  This consists of a polo t-shirt, school shorts and a school tracksuit top.  It can be worn every day from now on.  The  long  tracksuit trousers can still be worn but only on PE days.  Children who prefer not to wear the shorts can continue to wear the normal uniform.  Hoodies may not be worn instead of school sweatshirts.  Please remember nail varnish and jewellery are not allowed.


Feis Ceoil Gala Concert

If you haven’t heard  our amazing choir perform yet, tomorrow night is your chance. They are performing at the Feis Ceoil Gala Concert in the National Concert Hall along with a host of other musical talent. This is a wonderful opportunity  to hear them sing in such a beautiful setting.

Tickets are available from €15, €12.50 (conc.) or €40 family ticket (2 adults & 2 children)


Click here for the full programme

Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Day

Today is National Cystic Fibrosis Awareness day  and we have some children on our school that suffer from this condition and their teachers  try and ensure they are never sitting close to another child that is a little unwell . Ireland has the highest incidence of CF in the world.  Today is  the CF Society’s 65 Roses Fundraising Day .

Easter Services

We have been asked to make parents aware of the Easter Services that will be especially suitable  children to attend .

  • 11am  Palm Sunday, Ms Harte’s 2nd class are doing the readings and some prayers.
  • Holy Thursday  Mass at 5:30 pm
  • Good Friday Stations of the Cross at noon
  • Family Mass Easter Sunday at 11 am .

There will be little jobs for children who want to take part at each ceremony.


Koke returns to Madrid

We are sad to see Koke leave today. He has visited us for a term while staying with his cousin Alvaro and we loved having him here.  He returns to Madrid this Easter with a fantastic English vocabulary and we hope he might have taught his classmates a little Spanish  !  Incidentally we hear he is an amazing soccer  player!

Friday Round Up !

It was a busy  half day in St. Brigid’s today.

The Debating Club all received their participation certificates from Ms Ní Fhearghail today. Although Ms. Ní Fhearghail teaches Junior Infants, she gives up her lunch time to teach debating skills to 4th class pupils. The ability to speak clearly and with confidence is a wonderful life skill for these children to develop and we are very grateful to Ms Ni Fhearghail for her interest and time .

Paddy ran on the relay time in the Athletics Ireland NATIONAL Finals last weekend and his team came second. What an achievement to be the second best relay team in the country. Well done Paddy!

These ladies from  3rd class all won prizes in last week’s Feis for  reciting their monologues so beautifully.

Half Marathon Runners

These pupils from 3rd succeeded in completing a half marathon ( yes over 21 km ) this year by running every day on the Church Green.They received lovely sports bags, with the school crest printed on them . They also were  lucky enough to get a  chocolate bunny each!  Thanks Mr. Lowery.

PS. There are other children very close to completing the half marathon after Easter

Storytime in Infants

Mr Courtney gave Ms Moriarty’s class a challenge of writing and illustrating a story that would be suitable for Infants. Today they completed their stories and presented them to the younger classes and guess what…the children loved hearing the stories and seeing the books!

Thank you to the bakers in 6th class who shared some of their delicious cakes today.

Activity based Maths in 3rd

Ms Dooley’s class have been exploring ways to make maths more active and hands-on without using their text books. The focus of these playful activities was area. The children had lots of fun and were engaged in a meaningful way. These activities also gave the children wonderful opportunities to develop mathematical language around area and engage in collaborative learning with their classmates.

Introductory Activities:

The first introductory activity was estimating and measuring the area of our tables using non-standard units. The second introductory activity was a challenge in which we had to estimate and measure which has a bigger surface area – our hand-print or our footprint.

Activity 1: Domino Area Game

In pairs, the children used dominoes to draw various sized rectangles. The pupils selected a domino from the bag and the two numbers on the domino were the length and width of the rectangle they had to draw. They used whiteboard markers and a grid for this. At the end of the game the child with the biggest surface area was the winner.

Activity 2: 36 Square Challenge

For this activity the children used both a grid and whiteboard marker alongside cubes. The aim of this game was to use the grid or cubes (or both) to make as many different rectangles as possible with an area of 36 squares. The children then challenged their partners to make rectangles with different surface areas.

Activity 3: Capture the Island Map Activity

For this game the children were required to use coordinates to plot a rectangle on a map. The pupil with the greatest total surface area of islands at the end of the game was the winner.

Activity 4: Rectangle Investigation

The children estimated and measured the surface area of various rectangles to establish which rectangle covered the greatest surface area. They then used geoboards and rubber bands to recreate these rectangles, ensuring the dimensions were accurate.

Activity 5:  Real World Area Problems

The pupils worked in pairs to read and discuss various real world word problems based on area. Before solving the word problem the children had to use their geoboards to represent the word problem using rubber bands.