Christmas Cards to Colour

Larry, in 4th class brought some  ” Colour your own Christmas Cards ” in for his classmates to colour and decorate. His Granny bought them in packs of 6 cards from the Hospice. We think they are a lovely idea for children who wanted to personalise their  Christmas cards and for parents who would like to support St. Francis’ Hospice. They are available from the Hospice.

New Secondary School Appeal

We want to thank all those who have responded to our appeal about the location of the promised secondary school. Please support us by copying the document linked here and emailing it to your local politicians.  The map below shows the location of our nearest secondary schools. Both our nearest schools are fee paying. Parents are struggling to find places for their children in any school and the situation will not be improved if the new school is built on the outskirts of Dublin 15.

This is our only chance to secure a school for future generations. Please add your voice


Debating Club

Some members of Ms. Murray’s and Ms. O’Brien’s classes have been participating in a debating club these last few weeks. The club, run by Ms. Ní Fheargail, has been meeting at lunchtimes in the library . The members have completes activities to develop their debating skills. The improvement in these skills was easy to see this week, when the children debated against each other on the following motions

All children should have mobile phones.

Homework is unnecessary.

The children in the audience decided on the winning motion by showing either a red or green card, depending on which speakers has convinced them of their motion the most!

Well done to all the children involved for using their lunch break to work on a new skill.

Debating will continue next week for the children in Mr. O’ Loughlin’s and Ms. Murray’s classes.

Thank you to Ms. Ní Fhearghail for giving up her own lunch break to run this worthwhile club.




Marathon Kids Final

Marathon Kids final day in Santry. Most of the 6th class pupils attended and ran the last mile of the Marathon.  They received t shirts and medals.



Our girls showing their stripes as  part of a new campaign is aiming to increase the number of women taking part in sport by 20% in the next two years.

The “20 x 20” initiative is also hoping to increase media coverage for women’s sports by 20%, with the same target set for those attending live games.

Peter Byrne book launch with 5th class

Mr. Lowery’s 5th class attended the launch of Peter Byrnes’  book ” Winning for Ireland” . The book is about the many athletes who have performed for Ireland on the world stage since 1857. The children were shown around the National Indoor Arena They took part in relays, sprints, long and high jumps and javelin throwing. They also got to meet past greats such as David Matthew’s , Eamonn Coughlan, John Tracey, Catriona Mc Kiernan and Ronnie Delaney. They completed their daily mile as these legends of sport looked on.  What an honour and a treat!


Microbit Coding in 5th class

The children in 5th class have been completing some coding activities using Microbits.

You can see some videos and photos of Ms. Rice’s class at work below.

A Microbit is a pocket-sized computer 70 times smaller and 18 times faster than the original BBC Micro computers used in schools. It has 25 red LED lights that can flash messages and be used to create games.

We have bought a class set as part of our STEM initiative with Ms. O’Callaghan.