Medical Needs

Parents of children with long term medical needs received a new school indemnity form by post last week. This form needs to be signed each year before we are allowed to administer any prescribed medications to children.

We also sent last year’s care plan which we need to update asap for the new class teachers.

Please return these forms to the school office before school reopens .

All medicines should be given to the class teacher on Wednesday 30th  August. Please ensure medicines are in date and if replacing adrenaline pens, Jext is our preferred brand.

If you have any queries about the administration of medicines please email

We cannot administer non prescribed medicines including eye drops , pain relief meds and cough bottles .

Thank you

Book Rental Members

If your child was absent from school before the holidays, their book rental books will be given to them on Wednesday 30th. 4th class children will receive the Grow in Love book then as well.

Reminding parents to cover all books and write your child’s name on the front cover.

Administering Meds

We have sent the care plans we had on file last year to parents of children with medical needs. Please check that the information we have is correct. Make any changes you require and then sign and return them to us asap.

All medicines should be returned ¬†to the class teacher on August 30th in the green medical box. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure all medicines are in date. Don’t forget to include a dosage spoon if one is needed.

Medicines are only given where a child has an ongoing medical condition and meds cannot be administered at another time. Permission of the Board of Management must be sought and a new indemnity form signed each year.

Children with inhalers should be able to self administer .

Congratulations to..

Our best wishes go to Ms. Lorraine Costello who will be marrying Damien O’ Neill on the August bank holiday weekend .

Congratulations to Mr.Vinny Byrne and his wide Louise on the birth of their new baby boy, Fionnan last week.