School Tours

School Tours for all classes are due to take place in the month of June. Letters are being sent out to parents with details by the teachers at each level. For your convenience all the prices will appear on your family payment page and a link has been sent by text and email. The payment portal is also accessible from here

Parents with more than one child going on tour can pay for each tour in one payment or in separate payments as they tour approaches.

Dates for tours are

Junior Infants :  7th June

Senior Infants: 7th June

1st Class :  1st June . 

2nd Class:  14th June

3rd Class: 12th June

4th Class:  19th and 20th June

5th Class: 26th and 27th June 

6th Class:  23rd June




Fidget Spinners

Unfortunately we have joined the growing number of schools who have opted to ban fidget spinners at school. We know the children love them but they are proving a HUGE distraction in class, for the children using them and the children watching them. They are also causing problems in the yard, with some children feeling pressured to own one.  We have asked the children to leave them at home.

Sponsored Walk

Junior Infants ready to walk…

We had a beautiful day today for the Sponsored Walk. We all assembled in the 2nd class yard at half nine. The Junior Infant classes were the first to leave first then  Mr. Mac Cann’s 5th class led the way for everyone else.  We walked up Auburn Avenue and  around through Deerpark.  Then  we headed down Peck’s Lane and Beechpark Avenue arriving back to school an hour later, tired , hungry and considerably quieter. The teachers reported that everyone’s  behaviour on the walk was excellent. Thank you to all who took part.

Photos are on the or on vimeo 

Irish Dancing

The third term for Ms.O’ Brien’s dancers was to begin this week but has now been postponed . We are sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment but as this is due to a family bereavement we know the children and their parents will understand.  We will let you know when Ms. O’ Brien is able to resume classes.