School Tours 2019

It’s that time of year again when teachers organise the annual tour for their class.  Each child will receive a letter home in advance of their tour detailing

  • the venue and date
  • departure and return times
  • the correct clothing to wear and bring
  • the type of lunch needed ( reminder nut free)
  • where to collect children afterwards

Each child going on tour MUST  return the signed permission slip before the tour date.  No mobile phones or cameras are allowed.

For further information please read the policy here

Tour Dates and Venues

Junior Infants  Newgrange Farm  22nd May

Senior Infants  Imaginosity    22nd May

1st Class   Newbridge House  14th June

2nd Class  Causey Farm  29th May

3rd Class Clonard House  17th June

4th Class   Ardgillan Castle   31st May

5th Class  Clara Lara   14th June

6th Class   Avon Rí , Blessington   24th June

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