Saint Brigid Sculpture 1970

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In 1970 , to mark the opening of the “new school” , a beautiful stone sculpture of Saint Brigid was created by Imogen Stuart and installed on the gable wall of the school. It features Saint Brigid standing in the midst of  animals and  people . She has a basket of bread which she is giving to the  poor as she stands in front of her convent.  We have used a line drawing of this sculpture as our logo for the last number of years.


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Imogen Stuart was born in Berlin in 1927 and grew up in Hitler’s Germany – her parents never revealed that her grandmother was Jewish in order to protect the children and their grandmother. Although she lived through the War, she describes her childhood as being idyllic, thanks to her parents.

After the war, she met a young Irish man called Ian Stuart who had come to Germany to study sculpture. For Imogen, it was love at first sight. They married and came to live in Ireland. They lived in Laragh, County Wicklow with no electricity or running water.

Ian Stuart was from a well-known Irish family. Maud Gonne was his grandmother, Iseult Gonne was his mother and Francis Stuart was his father.

Imogen was a Lutheran but later in her life she concerted to Catholicism. Imogen was working closely with the Catholic church when she was commissioned to create our piece. She also created many other  sculptures of Saints. and at a later stage she made the altar in the our church.