New Book Rental Scheme Proposal

The PTA has operated a book rental scheme for children from 3rd to 6th  class for the last number of years. Each year the scheme allows pupils to rent the five most expensive books saving parents an average of €65 per child. The majority of parents/guardians are availing of the scheme but, this year, we hope to extend it to include all parents/guardians.

We propose changing the way the scheme is administered by compiling class sets of books.  We would give every teacher thirty copies of each title. These books would be labelled with the room number.  The teachers would be responsible for assigning these books to pupils and collecting them again at the end of the year. There would be no application forms to fill or deposits to pay and the deposits currently being held by the PTA would be returned. It is important to note that ALL parents would then pay the annual book rental subscription and these titles would be removed from the book list.


To compile these sets, we would use books in good condition from the  current book rental scheme. We would also need to buy new titles in Irish and Religion and extra English and Maths books. We would like to add dictionaries, atlases and other resource books to the scheme over time.


The financial outlay for the school will be high initially but we hope to acquire some of the books we need second hand.  To this end, we are appealing to parents/guardians who are not in the book rental scheme to either donate their child’s books at the end of the school year or to sell us good condition books for a flat rate of €5 per book. There would be no need to keep these books for siblings as all children would use the class sets from September on.


To help us estimate the feasibility  and the cost of the scheme, we have sent home a short survey to the parents who did not take part in the current book rental scheme.  We would be very grateful if those forms could be returned asap as we need to make a decision shorty. We hope all parents will support this new scheme as we feel it will be more equitable for pupils, easier to manage and  it will reduce the back to school costs considerably for all parents and guardians.

If you have any queries you can email