The Anniversary Mosaic

To celebrate our 150th anniversary we commissioned a very special piece of Art by mosaic artist Elaine Prunty. We spoke to Elaine early last year and asked her to design colourful mosaic of Saint Brigid and we wanted all 914 children to be involved in the design and represented in the final mosaic !  Elaine came to us after Easter and spoke to all the children. She asked them to draw a magical flower ( Saint Brigid brings the Spring) and also to design colourful children’s clothes.  Elaine then took all the atet work away and she selected one flower to represent each class and some clothing designs also.

Elaine reproduced these flowers exactly in glass and in the mosaic all 32  are surrounding Saint Brigid. The children in the mosaic are under her cloak, and they have mirrors for faces so as our pupils pass by they see themselves sheltering under the cloak. Saint Brigid has a beautiful face and Elaine used a special glass to give her a twinkle in her eye.

The slides below show how the mosaic was made. We are very grateful to a family in our school who paid for this wonderful mosaic. It will be a symbol of this school for  many years to come.