Our Facilities

In the last few years our school has been fully refurbished  and  we now have excellent facilities to offer our pupils.


Our computer room was refurbished in 2013 and we continue to upgrade it annually. It currently holds 20 desktop computers and an overhead projector. Various STEM project materials are also stored including Lego sets.  All classes are timetabled to visit the computer room at least twice a month.

Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard or a projector . We also have a suite of 24 iPads which are rotated through the buildings. In early 2017 the PTA purchased a cart of 32 tablets for use in the senior school.  Each Junior Infant  classroom  has a Kidsmart computer donated to us by IBM


We have a 8 separate yard areas, one for each level. The Junior Infant Yard has a  brightly coloured soft surface. Other yards have colourful markings  to facilitate playground games. We also have a basketball court and several basketball hoops. Indoors we have a large sports hall  where pupils play lots of different sports including table tennis. We are fortunate to also have the use of a large green area beside the church where training can take place for  cross country , hurling, soccer, camogie and football teams.  In July 2017 Fingal County Council . extended the width of the path to allow us to use it as a running track at lunchtimes.


The Library

When our new sports hall was built, the old general purpose room was converted into a school library. It  is located centrally in the school and classes from 1st up are timetabled to visit weekly and borrow books . A database of all books is maintained on the main computer. We have over 10,000 books , graded into 3 sections. The back wall features a beautiful mural inspired by children’s favourite books.

The School Garden:

The school garden  has an outdoor classroom, potting tables, raised beds , a sensory garden and a fish pond. We are upgrading the garden this year and adding a pump to our pond.