Santa’s Workshop

Room 4 are doing  The Post Office/ Santa’s Workshop as their Aistear theme.  They are wrapping presents, writing letters and cards, sending packages, making gingerbread houses, using playdough to create Christmas decorations and are having lots of fun!

The Hospital Room 1


The aistear hospital theme has come to an end in Room 1. Over the past few weeks the “ surgeons” have operated on patients, applied bandages to very sick Children, paid their Doctor’s bill at the receptionist’s desk, created Doctor’s bags at the art and craft station, investigated initial sounds of hospital words such as stethoscope, thermometer etc, used play doh to give patients chicken pox and plasters, played bingo.
The children also investigated the properties of regular 2-D shapes such as circles, squares, triangles. They used number rods to Mae circles and lollipop sticks to construct as many squares and triangles as possible.

Shapes in Junior Infants

It’s all about 2D shapes in our numeracy station.
Pupils are on the hunt for curved shapes and shapes with straight edges as they go on a shape hunt around the top.
 They create their own free art using 2D shapes.
 They also sort 2D shapes by colour/ size.
They design different patterns  Mr Circle for their scrap book.
They also make sets of 2, using classroom ( and personal objects). We even had a pupil using his dearly beloved train ticket to make a set of 1!