Ice-cream Day

We missed a lot of special days during lockdown but we made up for one today ! Three ice-cream vans rolled into Saint Brigid’s at 11am today  and we all enjoyed a big whipped cone in the lovely sunshine. It was a surprise  thank you from Mr. Courtney and the staff to all our pupils who have been brilliant since coming back to school.



Touch Typing

TTRS classes have resumed on Zoom with a number of students ready to complete the course this term.  As a result, a limited number of places are available.  If parents are interested in finding out how TTRS can help students with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia (DCD), Dysgraphia or other learning differences, please contact Carol Pitcher – or call 087 2868910

When your child is sick or sent home

If your child is sick or sent home and you suspect he/she is showing symptoms, it is advisable to contact your GP for advice.the guide linked below is useful  as it gives information on the length of isolation required.

Before your child returns to school please fill in the return to school form  for any illness or covid related absence

If you child is a close contact they should remain at home . Latest advice from HSE is if any member of the family is deemed a close contact all family members should remain at home until they  get advice from a GP