Sports for June

As we move into June we would normally spend a lot of time outdoors doing PE and practicing for the Sports Day.  Due to the school closure, we have teamed up with to provide you with resources so that your children will be able to stay active at home. We hope that your children will engage in the fun sporting activities over the next 5 weeks culminating in a Virtual Sports Day on 27th June.

Attached to this email is a link to the resource pack which will give you all the information you need to do these activities at home  At the end of the pack there is a roadmap which sets out which 2 activities for each week, starting  this Monday the 25th May with the Sprint and the Long Jump. Each activity has guidelines for you to use and each week there will be 2 new activities to practice daily (see roadmap).

As a bonus there is also a Healthy Kidz App that you can download for your children  from the App Store  or the  Google Playstore.  Children can record their activities and results on the app and also see what their classmates are doing.  Once the App is downloaded you will need login with your child’s username and password which is given below. Further instructions are given in the attached activity pack.

We want to stress again that this is a menu of activities for children to enjoy. It is completely optional for  teachers, parents and children and there is no need to use the app if you prefer not to. 

We hope that you get the opportunity to spend time with your children doing these fun activities and we hope you all enjoy them.