Christmas Message

Dear Parents, Guardians and Families,

As we close off on the last day of school in this decade, it’s inevitable that we look back but in the interest of brevity I’ll only concentrate on this past month.

At the outset, I want to acknowledge our PTA committee who have played a very crucial, hands-on part during the past month. Thanks to their organisation and commitment, our Christmas fair was a fantastic success, enjoyed by pupils, parents and the community. They also organised the pupils’ Christmas cards and Santa’s visit. Huge thanks to Mrs. Amelia Jennings, Leona Molloy and their committee as well to the many parents who contributed in so many ways.

Since the fair, it has been fascinating and rewarding to see the school community enter the spirit of Christmas, culminating in our Carol Services over the past two days. The Christmas theme offers so many opportunities for teaching and learning. Teachers base their teaching on the pupil’s experience and integrate their subjects so that pupils gain a deeper understanding of Christmas. I have been fascinated by the creativity of pupils as shown in their Christmas stories, their cards, their Cribs and their artwork. I have read some of the most earnest letters to Santa from some very “promising” authors. Pupil singing spilled into the yards hourly, sending a tingle of excitement about the school.  For my own part, I have really enjoyed reading some of my favourite Christmas books to classes – even our most senior pupils love to be read to and nothing better than The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Twoomey, The Night Before Christmas or Jesus’ Christmas Party.

There’s a lovely Christmas quote I like that goes, “In the eyes of children we find the joy of Christmas; in their hearts we find the meaning.” The magic of Christmas was so very evident in every classroom this December – it was so good to see children’s eyes twinkle with unrestrained glee in anticipation of Christmas. But equally evident was their understanding of the plight of those less fortunate and their desire to help. The shoe Box appeal is a case in point – some children showed me what they had specially selected as gifts and it was so gratifying to hear them explain their choices. Another example was our visit to Mount Hybla nursing home. While I was very impressed with the children’s performances, I was especially delighted to see them mingle and chat so caringly and sensitively with the residents. Such acts of kindness clearly illustrate pupils’ empathy and understand of those who have less, thus exemplifying the Christmas spirit for all of us.

Christmas is very busy time both at home and school. If you have missed out in any school events over the term, many of them can still be viewed on the school app. The app mantained by Mrs. Mac Donagh and Ms. O’Callaghan, offers a wonderful insight into learning and school life as well as celebrating pupil achievement.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the trust you place in our teachers and for your ongoing support of your pupils and school over the past term.Finally, I would like to wish all our families a very happy and peaceful Christmas, and relaxing break and prosperity in 2020.

Beannnachtaí na Nollag oraibh go léir!!

Denis Courtney

Festive Friday

Last day of term and we hope to see lots of Christmas jumpers, hats, hairbands tomorrow and school tracksuits can be worn .

Ten large black sacks of nappies were delivered today to a local Women’s Refuge courtesy of our brilliant 4th class pupils. We would love to add a little cash to that donation tomorrow. We hope  all our pupils will give €2 tomorrow towards this appeal.

All Ireland Cross Country Champions

We were thrilled to learn that Donore Harriers won Gold for the first time in 127 years in the U13 national cross country championships recently. Why are we so delighted? Because two of our girls are on the team!

Congratulations to Emily Bolton and Lorraine O Connor on this amazing achievement. Lorraine also won a bronze medal and Emily was the overall winner , getting gold  in the U13 race.

Greener Christmasses ..

This festive season we’re all more aware than ever of the need to reduce the amount of waste we create. Whether you have chosen to limit the number of presents you buy or you’re choosing to buy gifts with a sustainable ethos, it’s becoming more and more popular to choose carefully this Christmas. This past year Green-Schools has partnered with to encourage schools to use this new website to answer any waste-related queries they might have.

The MyWaste website is a great source of information related to reusing items, reducing waste and recycling responsibly, not just at Christmas but all year ’round. Ahead of the Christmas break it’s a great resource for schools to remind students about the need to reduce food waste and to be more mindful of where excess packaging and wrapping paper ends up at Christmas-time.

We like these sections of the MyWaste website:

Bulb Planting

We are embarking on a wild flower garden this year and to get it started we are planting hundreds of bulbs around the 5th and 6th class yards. This week the 4th and 5th classes were out with their shovels planting as many as they could.