Room 2 School Long Ago

The children in Room 2 learned all about Saint Brigid’s NS in the past. They examined the model of the old school and drew sketches of the school. The children were taught a lesson in the old classroom dressed in children’s clothes from the past. They then went on a class trip to the site of the original St. Brigid’s NS. The children in Room 2 loved learning about what school was like for their ancestors.

Peace Proms

Rooms 23 and 24 are taking part in the Peace Proms this Saturday. Peace Proms is a music education resource for Primary Schools and it culminates in a large scale performance for choirs and orchestras at iconic venues throughout Ireland and the UK. Over 30,000 children from over 500 schools take part each year. They sing in choirs made up of almost 4000 children and are accompanied by a full youth symphony orchestra. A host of stellar soloists, dancers and Drum and Pipe Corps also perform.

Our pupils have been practicing the songs since September but now the day has finally arrived! On Saturday next they will travel by bus to the RDS . We hope they have a wonderful evening and we know they will represent our school with pride.

Tickets for the performance are now completely sold out.

The children will meet in the Church carpark on Saturday 2nd February at 4:30 pm

Cinema Time

Mr. Lowery’s 5th class made three short films based on local historical events. They wrote the scripts and then dressed up and acted in each o e. The actors played roles including Dublin zoo keepers in 1916, soldiers during the Rising , news readers, astronauts and even the President of the USA. They used green screen technology to create incredibly real scenes from Dublin Zoo to the moon landings.

They recreated a cinema complete with curtain in their classsroom and invited classes to visit. Everyone was thoroughly entertained with this phenomenal production. We especially enjoyed the blooper scenes at the end ,

6th Class Quiz Masrers

Catholic Schools Week 2019

Catholic Schools Week 2019  will run from 27th January to 3rd February 2019. The theme for Catholic Schools Week this year is Catholic Schools: Celebrating the Work of Our Local Catholic Schools.

Monday: Living Tradition

Tuesday: Welcoming Diversity

Wednesday: Grandparents Day

Thursday: In Service of our Community

Friday: Supporting Faith

Also on Thursday 31st  the senior classes ( 3rd – 6th ) will be celebrating a Mass for Catholic Schools Week and St Brigid’s Day.  The prayers, readings and reflection at our Mass will all be related to our themes for the week.


Thank you Ms Mahon for organising this celebration. 

Celebrating Catholic Schools Week