WeDo 2.0 Challenge Projects: 4th class Mr. Lowery

The children in Mr. Lowery’s 4th class have been working on open projects using the WeDo 2.0 Science/Robotics kits. They were set a choice of two challenges: Space Exploration or Clean the Ocean. There are some photos of the projects and the children at work below.

Each group made a video presentation of their completed projects.

In the videos the children tell about their projects, the challenged they had and what they learned.


MILO EKKA 4000 by Aoibhinn, Amy, Kate & Erin:

Cleaning the sea by Anna, Kim & Hania


Star Bus by Eamonn, Alex M, Alex S & Calum: 

Ocean Sweeper by Dylan, Gabriel, Micheal & Oliver:

The Flingertron 2000 by Matthew & Cian:

Ketchup Dropper 2000 by Sorcha, Alex, Fionn & Jerome: