Toy and Book Sale in 2nd Class

The children in 3rd class are very kind.. Earlier in the year they held a cake sale for the Coolmine Rehab Centre and last week they held a toy and book sale in aid of the Peter Mc Verry Trust.  Each child in the class donated toys and books they didn’t need and sold them ( very cheaply) to the other 3rd classes. They raised a staggering €270 in one afternoon.  Well done to the  fundraisers in Ms. O’Halloran’s class and a big thank you to the other three classes for spending all their pocket money.


A little information about the Mc Verry Trust below.

Peter McVerry Trust has been responding to the needs of  people effected by homelessness since 1983. The charity has developed a range of services to tackle homelessness, drug misuse and social disadvantage.