Welcome Back….

..to another school year. We hope everyone had a lovely Summer even if it was a bit chilly!

Here are a few reminders for the new term.

The school gates do not open before 8.40 am.  At this time pupils from 1st, 2nd,5th and 6th classes walk to their lines in the yard beside the school garden. The pupils from Senior Infants, 3rd and 4th classes should walk through the staff car park to their lines in the back yard adjacent to the Infant Building.
For safety reasons, bikes and scooters are not allowed in the school grounds and pupils are asked not to run .

Parents and pupils are requested not to enter any building before the bell rings.

Polo shirts and shorts can be worn for September and October.

Please bring all the required books to school on Sept.1st. They should be covered and the child’s name and class written on the front .

Information on money due will be sent home in September and we hope parents will avail of the online payment facility where possible.

If there has been any changes in your contact details or emergency contacts let us know. You can use the form in the app or email


New Enrollers

Here are a few reminders about what to do on those first few days.

  • Please bring your child to the Sports Hall at 9.30 on Monday 31st August  for registration before you take him/her to their classroom. Some older pupils will be on hand to show you the way to the classrooms.
  • When you arrive at the classroom , please wait at the door until the teacher is free to greet your child and show him/her to their seat. Once your child is settled say your goodbyes and leave . Don’t be tempted to hang around the door or windows peeping in  as this may upset your child or other children!!
  • Children will have one break for the first two weeks so a small lunch and drink is all they need. Let them practice opening  their lunchbox and drink at home before the first day.
  • Remember there are lots of identical sweatshirts,coats, schoolbags and lunch boxes  in each class so please label everything.
  • After Monday the children will begin school at 8.50 and you will bring them directly to the classroom for the first few days. The teachers will let you know when the classes are ready to line up in the mornings. Once this begins we ask you to allow your child the independence to walk with the line to their classroom. Please don’t congregate near the main door as the teachers will need a clear view of all the children as they enter in a line.
  • We also ask parents to enter and exit through the staff car park. Please do not enter or exit through the Junior Building . We are concerned about safety if this building is congested with parents and buggies as the children are trying to get in to their classrooms.
  • Children go home at 12 noon for the first two weeks. Parents should wait in a queue outside the external classroom doors at home time. You can access this side of the building through the link corridor beside the sports hall.
  • Please try to be punctual as it upsets children if parents are late.
  • We know your child will settle in very quickly and we hope he/she will enjoy these early days . If you have any concerns speak to the teacher when collecting.
  • Any medical issues please chat to the teacher after school during the first week or two.
  • If collecting children early during the year please inform the teacher and enter the school through the reception. We prefer if children are not collected during break time. Any change in the collection routine please inform the teacher.
  • No nuts or nut products allowed. Treat day is on a Friday when a small bar is allowed. We like children to have a healthy lunch. Popcorn is also not allowed as it makes a mess !
  • Book lists will be given in mid September . If you have other children in the school, the eldest will pay  the Art and Craft family charge.

See you all on the 31st of August!

Staff News

This year we welcome back three teachers who are returning from career breaks .

Ms. Glenda Traynor  will teach Junior Infants

Ms. Claire Dillon will teach Senior Infants.

Mr. Michael Harrison  will teach Ist class.

Ms. Gillian Kelly is taking a career break and we wish her well in her travels abroad.