Is your child using the correct pencil grip?

In our school we take great pride in handwriting and correct letter formation is developed from Junior Infants to 4th using a specific scheme .  We also pay particular attention to developing and maintaining the correct pencil grip.  Children go through several stages of development before they  master this and a lot of children begin school  using all their fingers to grasp a crayon .  The teachers help each child to develop a three fingered grip (in the last picture)  as this is the ideal grip for fluent and efficient writing.   This grip needs to be maintained in older children as they can easily revert  to less efficient ways of holding a pen and once an incorrect grip  becomes a habit , it is more difficult to remediate.

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Junior Infant Handwriting Program



Senior Infant Handwriting Program


Ist Class Handwriting Program


2nd Class Handwriting Program


3rd Class Handwriting Program


4th Class Handwriting Program